Darija (read like there is no "j") Medic (the "c" read like "achoo" without the "a" and the "oo" ) is an explorer of (un)coded behavior through poetic media in the networked world. Finding meaning through making and experiment, she develops exhibition and knowledge exchange formats as an artist, curator and researcher. She is currently DiploFoundation's Digital Art Project Coordinator. Since 2012. she is a member of CBK Rotterdam (Center for visual arts). She is the founding member of Interkultivator , an organization that focuses on the decentralization of cultural production in Serbia through creating experimental educational platforms, and a member of Napon, institute of flexible cultures and technologies. 

~~~ work ~~~

2016- Digital Art Project Coordinator, DiploFoundation
2014-2016. Project Coordinator, Institute for flexible cultures and technologies - Napon
2013-2017. Technical consultant, FRIDA, Young Feminist Fund
2013-2016. Web developer, Interglider
2012- Project Coordinator, Interkultivator

~~~ education ~~~

2018 Certificate in Internet Technology and Policy, DiploFoundation
2009-2011. Master Media Design and Communication: Networked Media, Piet Zwart Institute,
William de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University, Netherlands
2005-2009. New Media, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia
2002-2004 Science research center Petnica, anthropology department, Serbia
2001-2005 Filological lyceum, Belgrade

~~~ solo shows ~~~

2013. Ghub 12, Belgrade, Serbia, *Broadcasting is a two way channel
2012. Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia , *Into the blind
2011. Night of Museums, Plovdiv, Bulgaria *The South collection
2009. Bel art, Novi Sad, Serbia, *Files:Serbian Railways

~~~ group shows ~~~

2018. Art+Science:Makers, Cervantes gallery and Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia *Transmitting is a two way channel
2017. Monoskop Exhibition Library, Seoul Mediacity Biennale, Seoul, Korea *Painters disconnected
2017. PlanD exhibition, Depo of the Technical museum, Zagreb, Croatia, *Exercises in style - Global intelligence files, Into the blind
2016. Translations, Kalkuta, India *Excercises in style
2015. Wonderlab, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia *Attnetion, recalculating!
2014. Emergent Art Space, Reed College, Portland, Oregon *The Global Intelligence files
2013. Autonomies, Museum of Contemporary art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
2012. Device art, Zagreb, Croatia , *Into the blind
2012. Night of the museums, Delft, Netherlands , *Model 100 (Into the blind)
2012. Car art, Delft, Netherlands , *Into the blind
2012. Out of the attic ad hoc show, Rotterdam, Netherlands *Room with a view
2012. Warstaty kulture, Lublin, Poland *On the air browser radio show
2011. Mindware:Technologies of dialogue, Lublin, Poland , *On the air browser radio show
2011. Graduation show Networked media/Piet Zwart Institute in Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands , *Into the blind
2011. Memefest festival of radical communication, Ljubljana, Berlin, Nijmegen , *The us in virus
2010. Unlimited liability, temporary artist shop, Hamburg, Germany , *Post postcard; This is not a concept; On art and logic
2010. Speed show by the students of the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands , *On the air browser radio show
2010. Disrupting systems, graduation exhibition of the Networked media program, Old Photo Museum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands *Into the blind
2009. Biennale of Young Artists Of Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje, Macedonia, *Manual for reading the word 'voda'
2009. Love the Differences, Museum of Modern Art Novi Sad, Serbia , *Recycling
2009. Hacker Space Festival, Paris, France, *viewframemode=refresh
2009. TEST Festival, Zagreb, Croatia , *This is not a concept
2009. Urban Jealousy, the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Ongoing Traveling Exhibition *viewframemode=refresh
2009. Surrey Art Gallery in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada , *viewframemode=refresh
2009. Photographs Inspired by Books Printed by Geopoetika Publishing House, Ozone Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2009. Art Book, Museum 25th May, Belgrade, Serbia *The Manual For Reading The Word Voda, Art book object
2008. Student Art Festival, STARTFEST "WAY OUT - Transition in the Field of Art" Novi Sad, Serbia , *candy 2.0
2007. World Biennale of Student Photography, Novi Sad, Serbia , *viewframemode=refresh
2007. Kef, Fair of Short Electronic Form, Belgrade, Serbia, *Waiting for a job, video
2007. Foto-kino Savez Vojvodine, Novi Sad, Serbia , Group Photography Exhibition of the Students of University of Arts, Novi Sad
2007. Gallery Spomen Zbirka Pavla Beljanskog, Novi Sad, Serbia *Chess game, video

~~~ performances, actions, interventions ~~~

2019. What is this exhibition doing here? Performance, Serbian Academy of Art and Science Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
2018. Feminist typewriter, BEFEM festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2010. Walking tour/audio guide The South Collection, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2009-2010. The us in virus, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Lille (France), Munich(Germany), Novi Sad, Belgrade (Serbia)
2009. I’m on Facebook, Therefore I Exist, Stencil, Trenchtown Festival, Palic, Subotica
2007-2009. Street poem- Novi Sad, Belgrade, Istanbul
2008. Blog Spot, Lapta, Kyrenia, Cyprus (space intervention)
2008. Waste Objects, Installation, Akcakoca, Turkey
2008. Public poetry Installation on Street Festival Sokakta 2, Istanbul, Turkey
2008. Instalation : Message in a Bottle Lapta, Cyprus (Mixed Media)
2008. This is not a concept- Belgrade, Istanbul, Sofia, Skopje (public space intervention)
2008. Karasssuite project, Red district, Amsterdam, OKNO, Brussels
2008. Digital Fringe Online Festival
2007. Hacking Videomedeja, Videomedeja festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
2006. Experimental sound performance of the New Media Department, Gradilište, Novi Sad, Serbia

~~~ curating, coordinating ~~~

2018. ART@IGF, UK Parobrod, Belgrade, Serbia
2017. ART@IGF, Internet Governance Forum, UN Geneva, Switzerland
2015. Identify me, G12HUB, Belgrade, Serbia
2015. Art in the age of technological remediation, KCP, Požega, Serbia
2014. Tehnopolis, exhibition, conference, workshops, Bor, Serbia
2013. CLOSE-UP&BLOW-UP: Re-constructing the photographic image (co-curating, editing), Museum of contemporary art Vojvodina
2013. Broadcasting is a two way channel public program, Belgrade, Serbia
2012. Out of the attic ad-hoc shows, Rotterdam (curating, production, communication)
2012. ADA art, public space art exhibition, Ada lake, Belgrade, Serbia (curating,
design, coordinating)
2012. Founding member of NGO Interkultivator, an organization that focuses on the demarginalization and decentralization of cultural production through organizing exhibitions, workshops, public debates in Serbia and Europe

~~~ writing ~~~

2011. DEMONSTRATING RELEVANCE: RESPONSE-ABILITY, Faculty for Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana & Memefest
2011. Mindware: Technologies of dialogue, Workshops of Culture, Lublin, Poland
2011. Catching flies in the altranet, Piet Zwart Institute
2011. Navigating in the age of magical reproduction, essay
2009. In sickness and in health, essay

~~~ teaching-workshops,
presentations ~~~

2019. The promise of blockchain, ideal mediation or illusive transactions?, talk ad Fabrika, Belgrade, Serbia
2018. Lecture and artist presentation at the New media department, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Serbia
2018. Panelist at Audience making session, Art+Science:makers conference, Academy of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2018. Curator as author, lecture at the Art history department, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia
2018. The digital realm – risks and opportunities involved in occupying virtual space, Crossroads conference, Basel, Switzerland
2017. An image is worth a thousand words? Panel on Future of diplomacy conference, Malta
2017. Black box white magic, Lecture at PlanD festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2016. Question of memory, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
2015. Identify me, G12HUB, Belgrade, Serbia
2015. Contemporary readings of technology, Lecture series and readign group, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia
2013. Guest Lecturer at the WDKA Rotterdam, Netherlands
2013. Techno Fantasischism at Media art historie conferences, Rig, Latvia
2013. Tech fur dammes, workshops on experimental online publishing
2012. Techno Fantasischism - Jump into the unknown, lecture with Amy Suo Wu, Para-rational TV station, Mama gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2012. Technology as black box, Device art, Zagreb, Croatia
2012. “Left at Albukerky”, workshop on open source software, Make me eclectic festival, Vienna, Austria
2011. Radio activity, presentation, Tracing mobility, Berlin, Germany
2011. Presentation of Into the blind, PICNIC conference Amsterdam
2011. Navigating in the age of magical reproduction, Hybrid media camp, Begeč, Serbia
2011. Workshop on open source navigation interventions, Make me festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2010. Presentation: The us in virus, Viral communication conference, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands

~~~ scholarships and awards ~~~

2012. Shortlisted,  Screengrab award, Sidney, Australia , *Into the blind
2011. Hot 100, award for one of the hundred best graduation projects in fields of design, arts, theory and communication in the Netherlands , *Into the blind
2011. Memefest good communication recognition , *The us in virus
2010/2011. Van-Beek Donner Stichting schoolarship
2010. Dositeja award from the Fund for young talents, Serbia
2010. Award of the University of Novi Sad for exceptional study
2008. Scholarship of the Republic Foundation for Development of Science and Artist Youth, Financed by the Ministry of Education