Feminist Typewriter

Feminist typewriter is a performance of notation and feminist inscribing into history, as well as a reference to historical female guided writing through dictation and typing of dominant authoritative texts. During BEFEM festival, chosen sentences from the program will be performed by typing them, therefore becoming a part of Transmitting is a two way channel, an artwork currently on display in the exhibition Art+Science:Makers, which is open until December 8th 2018. in the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The work itself offers space for transmitting on FM radio, turning the web browser into a transmitting station, while all the typed content becomes a part of the archive and as such a part of the radio program for future visitors of the exhibition. During the performance, key sentences from the many talks will be entered manually, letter by letter, into the prepared browser by the principle of a typewriter – all letters and keystrokes are recorded, all inscribing and all of the erasing. The radio program will be equally open for BEFEM visitors to type in their contributions.