inurl:”viewerframe?mode=refresh is a work that investigates the assumption connected to photography as a document created by conscious decision, as well as the impact of technology on everyday perception, and consequently, principles of framing. By simultaneously projecting 2 different sets of photographs with a slide projector, the work alludes to the situation of a classroom or forensic investigation with the goal of diagnosing/establishing/locating authenticity.

The images that we confront are one photograph “taken” by a person, and a photograph mechanically produced by a security camera. One of two shots is an automatic one taken from a security camera located somewhere in the world, an the other one is photography in its classical sense, a shot purposely “taken”, focused or deliberately unfocused, with all the corresponding intentions and coincidences of a photograph. The title of the work inurl:”viewerframe?mode=refresh represents the code needed to type in an Internet browser in order to get a list of thousands servers with accessible live streams from security cameras from all around the world. Is the one which is classified as a classic photograph one more than her neighbor, located somewhere on the Internet, automatically streamed on a server, taken from a particularly accidental angle, bad resolution and all of its limitations of a security camera? Does a photograph get legitimized in the moment of “taking”, or the moment of curating content? With the shift towards digital technology, the camera shifts to another type of framing, Can the desktop of a computer be the new, alternative angle, and visual glitch the new aesthetic?