What is This Exhibition Doing Here?

What is This Exhibition Doing Here? Is the title of a performance that took place during the finissage of the exhibition Transpositional discourse of identity and space in SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art) gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia. A radio show was created in real time through a dialogue between two keyboards of the curator of the show, Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić and Darija Medić on the topic of institutions of culture and knowledge, as well as discourses on contemporary new media. The conversation was conducted over the synthetic voice of the Google translate service, as part of the artwork Transmitting is a Two Way Channel, which offered visitors to transmit textual content through connecting browser typing activity with the broadcast. The title was inspired by an interesting comment from the book of impressions of SANU gallery, saying “A somewhat bold exhibition for SANU gallery. Maybe it would be more adequate for the Museum of Modern Art (I think it doesn’t correspond to this space)”.

What is This Exhibition Doing Here? performance